Professional and Inspirational Speaker

Liven up your luncheon.
Stimulate your meeting.
Inspire your conference.

For decades, Frank has delighted scores of people with his unmatched wit and talent. His experience in Hawaii's entertainment industry and lifelong charitable pursuits have given him a perspective unlike any other. And now he brings his humor and insight right to your professional or social event.

Here are some themes that Frank has focused on in past presentations:

Ethnic Humor in Hawaii: Helpful or Harmful?
Frank knows that a life without humor is a gloomy existence. He also knows the hurt that comes from making fun of people's ethnicities. Frank clarifies the distinction between comedy (solicited teasing) and taunting (unsolicited teasing), and explains how we in Hawaii - the most multi-racial place on the planet - can find laughter in our ethnic differences.

Getting Along in the Local Workplace
The Mainland-haole manager can't understand the local Japanese secretary. The local Chinese businessman has trouble communicating with the Filipino salesman. Learn the subtleties that help people of different backgrounds co-exist peacefully at work.

Can Humor Make You Healthy?

Clinical studies have shown that laughter can actually lower blood pressure. You read correctly: humor can enhance your physical well-being. Let Frank explain how this is so.

Communicating with Our Children
Since 1980, Frank has delivered over 5,400 motivational messages to schools across the state of Hawaii. His extensive work with Hawaii's youth has given him great insight into their often-turbulent lives. Frank's approach is simple: Children need to be listened to, guided, and loved.

What is the Secret to Success?

Frank has done it all, from Honolulu Symphony concerts to birthday luaus, to sold-out Mainland tours. How has he maintained such success over time? Through perseverance, love of craft, and especially, a respect for the audience.

"Manuel and Samuel Walk Into a Bar...": The Art of Telling a Joke

Making an audience laugh is a difficult thing to accomplish. How do you get the reaction you want without going overboard? Frank will fill you in on the nuances of entertaining through humor.

And now, in addition to energizing your event, you can also make a difference in the lives of Hawaii's students. For a $1,000 donation to the Frank De Lima Student Enrichment Program, Frank will deliver a first-rate, 30-minute performance for you and your guests. Please contact Frank at 808-521-4529 for more information.